The difference you can make

By supporting RICE, your company will help us make a real difference to the thousands of families living with dementia.  We are pleased to work with both local and national companies. We value these partnerships and recognise that they make a real difference to The Institute and the community we serve. Whether your company wants to purchase much needed equipment, help with running costs or sponsor a publication we would like to hear from you.

What your donation can buy

 £5 will pay for important letters to be sent to 20 patients with dementia.

 £10 will pay for session material used in the rehabilitation course helping people with dementia through non-drug treatments.

 £25 will help pay for one hour of a Research Nurse or Psychologist’s time for running therapy courses; supervising carers courses; testing  for signs of early-onset dementia in the Community Memory Screening Clinics and for involvement in our many research projects;

 Donations also go towards helping RICE hold a clinic or course for people with dementia and their carers.

 £335 will pay for 1 self-referral Community Memory Screening Clinic where testing can help identify possible early stage dementia from memory problems caused by other reasons. Attendance is free.

 £1,880 will pay for a 7 week Cognitive Stimulation Therapy course for up to 8 people with dementia, aimed at improving memory, social interaction and quality of life. Attendance is free. 

 £4,000 will pay for a 4 week Carers Course for up to 24 carers of people with dementia. Attendance is free.

£24,000 will sponsor one research nurse or psychologist for one year; for that year the position will be named after your company and listed on the website and on the RICE Centre team board.


Want some ideas on what type of events to hold? How about:-

Organise a Friday 'dress-down' day

Make it a Fundraising day and ask your colleagues to come to work in something a little different. Try jeans or short and how about dresses for the boys? Schools have been doing this for years to help local good causes; they ask pupils to make a minimum donation to wear whatever they like to school.

Go without day

Go without '"ciggies", chocolate, cream cakes, go without your lunch, could you manage without one of your luxuries and show your support for RICE. Get family friends and work colleagues to pay you not to do it...can you last the day, never mind a week without your favourite tipple?

"Boss in the box"

Could you persuade your line-manager, team leader or supervisor to be incarcerated in a cardboard box for a couple of hours with a mobile phone? The challenge is to see how much money they can raise to set them free......Not for the claustrophobic amongst us!

Annual Memory Trail

Each year we have a new venue for this popular event. Past years have seen walks through private estates or by national monuments. Why not get a team from your company to walk in the year’s Memory Trail?

Dress up and get your community giving! Fancy dressing?

How about dressing up and joining RICE for one of its Flag Days in a town near you. Very rewarding and great fun watching the world go by for an hour or two on a Saturday morning.

For information on how your company and RICE can work together to improve the quality of life of people with dementia, contact or telephone 01225 476435

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