Living with Dementia


Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be very difficult to come to terms with for the person affected and their family and friends. However, in the early stages of the condition there are many things which can be done to improve an individual’s quality of life and maintain their independence. In the sections below we explore different organisations and services in the local area which can provide help and support to improve quality of life for individuals affected by dementia.

Support at RICE

 Individuals diagnosed with dementia at the RICE centre have the opportunity to discuss their condition with the healthcare team here at the Institute. The medical staff will provide specific information on the diagnosed condition, including a discussion of the available treatment options.  In addition, our health care team will be available to answer questions and direct individuals to appropriate support services within the local area.  Information packs providing details of all of the common forms of dementia are also available at the RICE centre. We also run free Cognitive Stimulation Therapy course for individuals with dementia, and a dedicated Carers Course for spouses, family and carers of those affected by dementia.

Helpful Websites

Alzheimer’s Society – The Alzheimer’s Society provides helpful information about most common forms of dementia on its website ( A range of very helpful information sheets can be found in the “About Dementia” section of their website. Within the “Living with Dementia” section, advice is provided for a number of issues related to adapting to a recent diagnosis of dementia, these include advice on: planning for the future; maintaining long-term independence; legal and financial issues and; affective use of local and national support services.

Dementia web Bath and North East Somerset – Dementia Web provides a broad range of information about local dementia services on their website ( Within the “Living with Dementia” section of their website detailed information is provided regarding local support groups which can provide support for people with dementia and their family. The website also provides the number for their dementia helpline which provides confidential advice and support regarding dementia.  

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