LivDem provides 10 weeks post diagnostic support in group setting for people who have recently been diagnosed with dementia.

The group runs for 10 consecutive weeks on a Wednesday morning from 10.00 to 11.15 in the large meeting room at the RICE Centre and will be run by 2 specially trained RICE psychologists.  Any relatives who come with group members are welcome to stay and have a cup of tea in the waiting area downstairs.

LivDem is designed to encourage participants to talk openly about their dementia. Post-diagnostic psychosocial intervention and support can help people who have been recently diagnosed make necessary adjustments which can help them live well with dementia. This is particularly relevant for those people who are not able to benefit from currently available medication

Aims of LivDem

  • To encourage participants to talk more openly about their dementia
  • To help people to adjust to their dementia.
  • To provide advice and information within a relaxed, supportive environment

How will it work?

  • Group based with 6 – 8 participants per group.
  • Facilitated by 2 specially trained psychologists
  • 10 weekly sessions, 75 minutes each.
  • Sessions fall into three elements: sessions two to four focus on discussing memory and why it can go wrong; sessions five and six look at the relationship between stress and memory; while the final three sessions describe the different forms of dementia, issues around telling other people and how to “live well” with dementia.
  • Family and carers join first and last sessions.
  • Follow up 6 weeks after course finishes
  • Open to recently diagnosed patients from RICE with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia or mixed dementia who have a mild to moderate level of cognitive impairment and sufficient language skills to enable them to take part in a group.

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