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Carers often feel cut off from friends, relatives and neighbours because of the demands of looking after someone who has Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia.

At RICE we hold courses specifically for the carers of individuals with memory problems and/or dementia.

The course consists of 4 sessions which are usually held over four consecutive Friday afternoons. These run from 1.30pm to 3.30 pm at the RICE Centre building at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. 

We also offer a one-day course which runs from 9-4pm.

We offer a sitting service so if your relative or friend wants to come along, members of our staff (nurses and psychologists) can look after them while you attend the course. We usually organise some games / activities or just chat and have refreshments.

Read more about our Carers' Course in this article that was published in the May/June 2014 edition of The Journal of Dementia Care:

Click here to download '25 years and counting - RICE Carer's Course' [83kb]

Our Carers' Courses aim to increase a carers' knowledge of:

  • Current medical thinking on the cause of memory impairment

  • How individuals with memory problems are diagnosed

  • What services and benefits are available to them and the people they care for

  • The roles of different professional staff

  • Possible problems associated with memory impairment

  • Simple strategies to help care for an individual with memory problems.

An example of a previous carers' course programme:

Week 1            1) Brain and Behaviour - Dementia Support Worker
                        2) Legal aspects of being a carer - Stone King Solicitors

 Week 2           1) Day Care - The Peggy Dodd Centre
                        2) Assistive Technologies - Designability

 Week 3           1) Benefits and allowances - Citizens Advice Bureau 
                        2) What is Dementia? - Dr Jill Mann (RICE Centre)

 Week 4           1) Who cares for the carer? - Carers Centre
                        2) Helping people to live well with memory problems - (Pippa Page, Occupational Therapist, RICE Centre)


For more information about courses or to provisionally book a place please contact RICE on 01225 476420 or email us on


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