If you wish to let us know about an aspect of our service which you feel could be improved, please contact us via the contact page on the website, telephone on 01225 476 420 or email

For issues you feel to be more serious, such as being unhappy with the treatment or service you have received from RICE, you are entitled to make a complaint, have it considered, and receive a response from RICE.

Who can complain?

A complaint can be made by a patient or person affected or likely to be affected by the actions or decisions made by RICE staff. A complaint can also be made by someone acting on behalf of the patient or person, with their consent.

What is the time limit for making a complaint?       

You should normally complain with 6 months of the event(s) concerned or within 6 months of becoming aware that you have something to complain about. RICE has the discretion to waive this time limit if there are good reasons why you could not complain earlier. 

To whom should I complain initially?

The first stage of the RICE complaints procedure is ‘Local Resolution’. Local Resolution aims to resolve complaints quickly and as close to the source of the complaint as possible using the most appropriate means; for example, use of conciliation.

You can raise your concerns immediately by speaking to a member of staff at RICE (e.g. doctor, nurse, psychologist or the administrative manager). They may be able to resolve your concerns without the need to make a more formal complaint.  

However, if you do want to continue with your complaint you can do this orally or by writing (including email) to RICE’s Director, Professor Roy Jones.

Complaints in writing should be addressed to: Professor R. Jones, Director, The RICE Centre, The Royal United Hospital, Combe Park, Bath, BA1 3NG.

Complaints by email should be sent to for the attention of Professor Roy Jones.

You should receive a response from RICE within 10 working days, although this deadline can be extended with your agreement. You should be informed of progress if this is not going to happen.

To whom should I complain if RICE cannot resolve my complaint?

A complaint can be made to the Chairman of the RICE Board of Trustees, Dr Chris Dyer. If, after this, you feel that your complaint is still unresolved you can contact The Independent Healthcare Commission whose local office address is Dominions House, Lime Kiln Close, Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34 8SR  Tel: 0207 448 8158

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