DementiaPlus Appeal

DementiaPlus Appeal

The DementiaPlus Appeal was launched to fund research to help us develop a better understanding of dementia, and improve early diagnosis and treatment. Specifically it aimed to enable RICE to

  • Expand and develop our research Centre of Excellence
  • Scope and conduct innovative research  into a range of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other types of dementia
  • Research new drug and non-drug therapies to help people live well with dementia
  • Increase contribution to knowledge of dementia through publishing research papers and speaking at conferences
  • Provide additional opportunities for  participation in clinical research studies
  • Continue to inform best practice for the provision of specialist services for older people

The impact of this work resulted in healthcare changes to more effectively:

  • Diagnose patients
  • Support patients and carers following diagnosis
  • Limit the impact of disease symptoms
  • Slow disease progression

With the ultimate ambition to help find a cure for dementia.

We are wrapping up the DementiaPlus appeal as its success means our research areas have broadened to include Thinking Clearly, Moving Well and Staying Strong – dementia, Parkinson’s and bone and muscle health. We are now Delivering Healthy Ageing.

Thank you for your support

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