Bath Assessment of Subjective Quality of Life in Dementia (BASQID)

The BASQID ia a 14 item measure of dementia-sensitive quality of life (QoL) that has been developed and validated for use with mild to moderate dementia (identified by a Mini Mental State Exam score of 12 or above). The measure was developed through a three-year project funded by the Alzheimer's Society, UK.

Using self-report QoL information, the BASQID provides valuable information about the experience of dementia from the perspective of the person with the condition. The measure provides two scale scores relating to life satisfaction and feelings of positive QoL. The measure does not place an undue emphasis on symptoms and disability but allows respondents to incorporate the influence of adaption, coping and support in their responses. In this way, the BASQID acknowledges the indirect relationship between health and QoL, in that worsening health does not inevitably lead to a reduction in QoL.

The BASQID should be interview administered directly with the person with dementia. Questions and response scales should be presented visually and orally to the person. Each question should be printed on an individual card (approximately 18 x 6cm) in large sans serif font. The three response scales should also be printed on individual cards (approximately 30 x 10cm). Files containing copies of the administrator's score sheet, printable version of the question and response cards and an operating manual can be downloaded  from the bottom of this page. The operating manual contains detailed instructions to administrators and data regarding the psychometric properties of the measure.

If you require any further information regarding the BASQID, please contact the first author, Dr Richard Trigg.

Using the BASQID in Research

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before downloading the BASQID

Users agree that they will not modify, abridge, condense, translate, adapt, recast or transform the BASQID instrument in any manner or form including but not limited to any minor or significant changes in the wording, organisation or administration procedures for the BASQID instrument without prior written agreement of the authors Dr Richard Trigg, Professor Suzanne Skevington or Professor Roy Jones

BASQID Materials for Download

Click here to download 'BASQID Instruction manual.pdf' [192kb]

Click here to download 'BASQID Interviewers Score Sheet.pdf' [140kb]

Click here to download 'BASQID Question and response.pdf' [62kb]

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